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What Are the Benefits of Trauma-Informed Care?

what-are-the-benefits-of-trauma-informed-careTrauma-informed care is an approach that promotes treatment adherence and health outcomes. This approach to care acknowledges that healthcare providers have a complete picture of a patient’s background and life situation. It enables them to carry out effective case management and treatment with a healing orientation.

As a provider of mental health services in Beachwood, Ohio, we will discuss the benefits of trauma-informed care:

  • Prevent re-traumatization.

    Adopting trauma-informed care as a core approach enables care providers to prevent re-traumatization. Forcing clients or patients to retell their stories or pushing them to open up are some ways patients can be re-traumatized. It often worsens their situation and causes mental health problems like anxiety. Incidences of re-traumatization can also discourage them from seeking professional help.

  • Promote a sense of safety.

    Trauma-informed care is designed to promote a sense of safety. Creating this sense of safety in clients or patients increases the chances of them engaging with their treatments. It promotes an accurate mental health assessment and encourages them to be more willing to share their experiences with their care providers.

  • Empower patients.

    Patient empowerment enables the person to feel they are in control of their treatment rather than being told by a healthcare provider what they should or should not do. With trauma-informed treatment, care shifts from a paternalistic approach to a collaborative one that encourages patient choice. It can be a powerful motivator for healing trauma.

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