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The Process of Recovering from Addiction

the-process-of-recovering-from-addictionPeople who become addicted to drugs may be triggered due to peer pressure, experimentation, prescribed medications, or mental health factors. Since it is classified mental illness, seeking professional help is important to treat and prevent relapse. The first step to recovering from drug dependence is undergoing a mental health assessment. A questionnaire about drug use, medical tests, and mental health evaluation is used to measure the amount, frequency, and severity of the problem.

Various treatment approaches are explored to effectively address underlying issues which are necessary for quitting drug addiction. One way is through medication management under the intensive supervision of healthcare professionals. Medications are needed so the body gets used to rejecting the substance that made them dependent. For example, Vivitrol induces unpleasant symptoms like headache, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea once alcohol and opioids enter the body. Other purposes of medications are for reducing withdrawal symptoms, treating co-occurring mental conditions, and preventing relapse.

Another method that aids in the recovery process is behavioral health services in Ohio. This approach involves behavior therapy to develop healthy and long-term coping strategies against drug cravings. Therapy sessions may be individual, in a group, or includes family members. The therapist provides a safe space for the patient to discuss issues that caused them to resort to abusing substances. Problems related to other mental health conditions include one’s job, relationships, and childhood.

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