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Mental health is all about what we want to accomplish together.
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KC Center for Health and Wellness sees the big picture. Not only do we identify problems at their core, but we also assess how that has affected the person and his/her environment. We provide precise tools and resources to help the person. We make sure every person is ready and capable to restore their dignity. We lead our clients back to their self-worth, self-sufficiency, and what we accomplish together.

Balancing social health, physical health, and mental health are important. Any imbalance or disturbance can cause harm to anyone. Our task is to help the lives of those suffering from mental health and addiction issues with our mental health services in Beachwood, Ohio.


Our mission is not only to identify mental health and addiction concerns but to provide a comprehensive plan of care for each client that addresses root causes, treats symptoms, manages medications, and realizes long-term controls and goals.


Our vision is to be the exemplary provider of mental health services and to continue striving for excellence by offering evidence-based practice and treatment options to all our clients.


Our Founder

Ashley King, MSN, APRN, NP-C is an exceptional Nurse Practitioner who has a true passion for the mental health and addiction population. Her wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience from dealing with family members who have both addictions and mental health diagnoses make her a remarkable provider. Ashley continues to strive for excellence by offering all evidenced-based practice and treatment options to her patients.

If you have decided to take the road to recovery, give us a call!