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Introducing KC Center For Health and Wellness

Therapeutic Behavioral Services in Beachwood, Ohio

Balancing social health, physical health, and mental health are important. Any imbalance or disturbance can cause harm to anyone. We believe that everyone can be helped. So we seek to uplift an individual’s total being to health and wellness. Our advocacy is transforming lives for the benefit of all. We serve anyone who needs mental health services in Beachwood, Ohio. We ascertain that our clients are ready and capable enough to restore their dignity and self-worth.

Mental Health Services

Mental or behavioral issues affect more than just one person. Our mental health services practice the methods that deal with these problems.

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Addictions and Recovery Services

Substance abuse and addiction is a chronic ailment. Those seeking lasting assistance from professionals can find refuge with us.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is not only to identify mental health and/or addiction concerns but to provide a comprehensive plan of care for each client that addresses root causes, treats symptoms, manages medication, and realizes long-term controls and goals.

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