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Our mental health case managers are prepared to uplift the emotionally vulnerable folks.

We have mental health case managers to assist clients in connecting to community resources and conduct routine outpatient assessments among others. Case management acts as a kind of safety net to help people undergoing treatment continue without trouble. Our case managers have this responsibility to remove the barriers to mental health and smoothen the process of recovery. Case management empowers our clients with a clear path towards self-reliance.

CPST (Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment)

Our (CPST) program is ideal for individuals and families struggling with mental health challenges and similar co-occurring conditions. Through our case management and advocacy services, we help people gain access to the level of care and support they need that can aid them in recovery and wellness.

SUD Case Management: Comprehensive Case Management for Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Case management utilizes a personalized and coordinated approach to link patients to the appropriate rehabilitation care, which can address their unique needs and help them achieve their wellness goals. In the case of Substance Use Disorders (SUDs), case management can effectively help them stay on track in their recovery progress. Also, by concurrently addressing other needs, patients can focus more on SUD treatment.

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